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Formally incorporated in 1965 Sandfield Engineering Company have actually been delivering high quality engineering products and services for more than sixty years.

In that time we have worked with some of the worlds most renowned manufacturers including Jaguar Landrover, Volvo, JCB, Ford, Aston Martin, Kellogs and household names in retail and distribution including Marks & Spencers, Tescos, DHL, and DPD.

Our unique experience of working at the heart of these international brands has led to the evolution of products and services that are delivering increased safety, efficiency, quality, productivity and profitability for hundreds of business in the UK and internationally.

For more than sixty years Sandfield Engineering Company have been designing and manufacturing engineering solutions that keep production lines running smoothly, accurately holding panels and components in body and chassis assembly, providing custom engineered solutions, preventing water pollution and driving increased efficiency through automation. Sandfield Engineering has been involved in building everything from fighter planes to husky sleds.

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Sandfield-PPE is a trading name of Sandfield Engineering Company Limited